About Pets and Parasites

Our pets have challenges we don’t have. They can contract many of the viruses that we contract.

Over and above that they are prone, because of their nature, to parasites we generally would not encounter. That is not to say we will not encounter parasites just generally not the same ones and not so frequently.

Administering essential oil with animals has only one extra consideration. They should be administered in a position that prevents the animal from directly licking off the oil. For most animals that is on the back of the head between the ears. Most essential oils are unlikely to cause any harm but some do contain chemicals that may be harmful if taken internally over a long period.

Fleas mites and worms can be removed in four to seven days with the application of just one drop per day of the correct oil. One week of the appropriate oil and no off-the-shelf chemical treatment is needed.

See also pet reference tables.

Choose essential oil therapy as an effective remedy for virtually every ailment (except those few truly genetic diseases).
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