About John Millward

My background was in electronic engineering. I was also studying Shiatsu, Reflexology, and other modalities at the same time. Healing modalities have always been an interest because of my own life time of ill health and the lack of any real knowledge from doctors. I initially thought they were missing something about health, but soon discovered I had missed the obvious clue.

Medicine is an industry not a remedy, and supporting health in this system is not even secondary. I discovered the value of frequency healing about 15 years ago. Since then, I've developed my own methods.

In order to help friends and family in other countries, I had to find a way to deliver frequencies to help them with their ailments. I discovered that the essential oils of many plants contain a lot of the frequencies that I needed. I later discovered that they contain all of the frequencies that I needed. My research on the frequencies of essential oils has continued for the last 10 years. I probably need 100 more years of research.

First, I had to find the frequencies of the pathogens that were causing illness in people. The process of finding the frequencies and the equivalent virus or bacteria took me two to three years. Just by meeting people with those pathogens and finding the frequencies. The next part of the process was finding the frequencies that exist in our natural surroundings. That voyage of discovery is still ongoing. I doubt that, without help, it will be completed in my lifetime.

Choose natural frequency therapy as your effective natural remedy.
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