Frequently-Asked Questions About Essential Oil Therapy

Can I Use Therapeutic Essential Oils Orally?

Never use essential oil orally. A small number of therapeutic essential oils are potentially dangerous if ingested over a long period of time. More importantly, they are much less effective in the mouth than on the skin. Enzymes in the mouth are there to break down any oil. On the skin before bed gives the greatest benefit.

Can I Overdose on Essential Oil?

If used as it should be, topically, overdosing is not an issue; however, two drops of oil is not double the frequency. Frequency is frequency, it is specific and constant, so one drop is sufficient. To speed up elimination one drop morning and night will shorten treatment time.

How Long Will a 10 ml Bottle of Essential Oil Last?

One milliliter is 15 drops. (It varies slightly because of differing viscosity.) So, at one drop per day, that would be 150 days or 5 months. Enough to get through a flu season.

Should I Blend Essential Oils?

Oil blending is a bit of an art form, like mixing sweet with bitter or more like adding lemon or ginger to a dish to raise the level of flavor. In aromatherapy, we refer to high notes and low notes. In the end, a good blend is one that you like! Therapy is the main focus, getting the treatment right. Choose according to illness. So, if one frequency needed for health is in Cedar and another is in Myrrh, then fill ¾ of a 5 ml bottle with Cedar and add 10 drops of Myrrh. Sample the aroma with a big sniff, and add more if you think it needs it.

Where Can It Be Applied?

Therapeutic essential oil works best if applied to areas where blood vessels are close to the surface. This corresponds to the places we traditionally apply perfume. Behind the ears shortens the time needed to remove a head infection. On the wrist is very effective globally. The blood vessels around the ankle bone will shorten healing time for the lower body, legs, and feet.

Choose natural frequency therapy as your effective natural remedy.
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