What Patients Say About My Work

You may or may not get results like these, but here are examples of patients' experience with John.

This little cat was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. Her digestion was no longer functioning. Her kidneys were close to complete malfunction. The distended gut is the growth. The treatment was Pine oil for the virus (HPV2) and one 15-minute direct frequency application of 2,554 Hz to break the viral proteins, which is what the lump was made from. This is from D.M., the carer of Twinkle:

Hi John, I tried to call you to explain what's happened to Twinkle. Just got back from the vet. It's a miracle! I haven't told the vet what we did, I just said we used oils. They are wondering what's happened. They can't understand why the lump had gone and all her tests have halved.—D.M. (United Kingdom)

Wow! Wow! Wow! You are just so, so amazing! I am so, so thankful for your information and instructions! And that you answered so quickly and in detail! A huge, huge thank you! So happy, and honored, that you came in my life! Whatever I can do for you, ask for it!—R.K. (Switzerland)

When I first met John, I had just left the hospital. I say “left” but I should say “run away from the hospital” where I stayed for a full week. I went there for large intestinal disorders I had had for one month. I was very dehydrated and therefore very weak. After various analyses, the doctors decided to give me antibiotics, of course. After two days in the hospital, I was worse, I started to vomit, the pains were unbearable, my health was declining more and more.... The doctors tried another antibiotic, then another...claiming that I was on the verge of sepsis! But nothing changed. I was desperate because no one could find the cause of what exactly I had. I got John's contact info and I met him as soon as I got out. He tested me and found out what the issues were right away. After just a few frequency therapy and essential oil treatments, my body healed, slowly, and I was saved! Simple, effective, painless, natural, and inexpensive. Thank you!—C.L. (Belgium)

Feel much better. No more allergy I think. The swelling finished! Thank you for your help!—I.M. (Portugal)

Choose essential oil therapy as an effective remedy for virtually every ailment (except those few truly genetic diseases).
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