What Patients Say About Our Work

You may or may not get results like these, but here are examples of patients' experience with us.

Thank you for the training course and the wonderful modules! A remarkable, inspiring, and illuminating work.​A.G. (France)

Thank you very much Cathy and John. I'm very happy to have you to complement my scalar waves. It's so great.​V.M. (France)

Thank you very much for your very precise diagnosis. I will heal myself with the frequencies of the oils.​F.D. (Belgium)

A friend told me about Cathy and John and the exceptional benefits of their approach with essential oils. After watching Cathy's video, I was convinced that she could help me, as she exudes happiness, sincerity, and benevolence towards others. In addition, proposing a diagnosis paid for only by free donations is an absolute proof of ethics and truth. Cathy answered me in a few days and diagnosed many internal disorders that explained my general state. She prescribed me two essential oils of my choice. Within a few days I was smiling again, even though I had been feeling so bad that I didn't want to live anymore. Although not vaccinated, Cathy had also detected spike proteins from two different vaccine manufacturers and the essential iols freed me from them. It is a real joy to know that this method is also applicable to vaccinated people. I appreciate how Cathy answers every request or question. She is a great friend. I recommend her to anyone who reads my testimonial. Cathy was really sent to me by the Universe when I was starting to lose my health, which I have since recovered, thanks to her intervention. All my gratitude for this luminous being.​J.B. (France)

I am very grateful to you for having succeeded in eliminating this fungus. All the treatments I have followed for many years were useless. I understood that the cause of the problem had to be eliminated. Thank you!​J.D. (Belgium)

Dear Cathy, Jim (my Yorkie) joins me in thanking you. The parasite is finally gone, thanks to the frequencies. As you told me, he lost a lot of hair at first, he was not hungry, and was tired...but his hair is starting to grow back, and he is happy again to go for a walk every afternoon.​M.P. (France)

Thank you, Cathy, for your availability, your explanations, and your comfort. You are an angel.​N.D. (France)

Wow, I am impressed by the results of the frequency treatment. I have regained my energy. I no longer have joint pain. I recommend you to everyone I know.​M.L. (Reunion Island, France)

Thank you for your quick feedback. I had no idea that all these viruses and proteins were infecting my body.​R.V. (Belgium)

I began to learn about frequency therapy out of curiosity, and also by chance while doing research on the internet. My family and I were freed from many health problems that were not diagnosed by allopathic medicine, or even alternative medicine. The benefits of the therapy really piqued my interest. I really wanted to learn more. I am currently a student in Cathy's 2022 group. I have currently completed the first part of the training on energy, frequency, and vibration, separating mindfulness and letting go. I believe that the pace of learning is excellent, and that it is accessible for people who are motivated by this type of learning. I also believe that this type of practice will be linked to the medicine of tomorrow, and that makes me very enthusiastic!​M.L. (Canada)

I discovered frequency therapy thanks to a video by Cathy. In the context of a search for an anti-parasite treatment for my bees, I asked her if essential oil of Eucalyptus Globulus was appropriate. I had already noticed good results and her research only confirmed it. Then, faced with the powerlessness of conventional medicine to treat my daughter, who had night-time convulsive seizures without explanation, I again asked Cathy, who spontaneously and without asking for anything, tested her and found the causes and frequencies for her recovery. After 7 months and a daily application of one drop of essential oil on her wrists, my daughter was able to reduce the dosage of her allopathic treatment by half. The frequency of her attacks became less frequent. We are confident that she will make a full recovery. This experience has made me want to train in this therapy.​I.R. (France)

Thank you for your efficiency, with a lot of emotion....You practice your profession in love and light. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all those loved ones in pain.​A.F. (Portugal)

I am 100 times better than when I first contacted you, thank you. The pain in my lower abdomen has disappeared. My libido has returned. Certainly this was disturbed by all the infections. My wife also thanks you.​P.R. (France)

Very pleasant, caring, and professional contact with Cathy, who knew how to find the right words to treat and reassure me. After three weeks of treatment with the recommended essential oils, all my viruses and their undesirable effects have been eliminated, and have not reappeared as of today. Many thanks to Cathy.​N.R. (France)

John Millward has saved my bacon more than once, and improved my quality of life. He removed a parasite in one treatment before it became serious. He healed my pericardium from a viral infection, which had caused ventricular tachycardia. He removed a circulatory blockage which had caused dangerously-high blood pressure. This surely would have shortened my life. My blood pressure is now normal for the first time in years. Also, 2023 is my first year without grass allergy in 15 years. I owe John a debt of thanks for giving me my summers back. Perhaps most importantly, he taught me how to protect myself from and detox from the spike proteins being shed by the “vaccinated” people around me, which is otherwise becoming the most serious-but-preventable health threat now faced by people like me, who always chose natural non-toxic health care. (I put “vaccinated” in quotes because the experimental mRNA gene therapy supposedly meant to prevent COVID-19 bears no resemblance to a vaccination, so it is a case of deceptive labeling to call it a “vaccination”.) My naturopath, bless her heart, could not detect the root cause of any of these conditions, much less heal them; nor could she help me protect myself against spike proteins. I am now free from all of these conditions and threats, thanks to John. He's a gifted healer, and I'm grateful to have found him.​T.M. (United States)

This little cat was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. Her digestion was no longer functioning. Her kidneys were close to complete malfunction. The distended gut is the growth. The treatment was Pine oil for the virus (HPV2) and one 15-minute direct frequency application of 2,554 Hz to break the viral proteins, which is what the lump was made from. This is from D.M., the carer of Twinkle:

Hi John, I tried to call you to explain what's happened to Twinkle. Just got back from the vet. It's a miracle! I haven't told the vet what we did, I just said we used oils. They are wondering what's happened. They can't understand why the lump had gone and all her tests have halved.​D.M. (United Kingdom)

Wow! Wow! Wow! You are just so, so amazing! I am so, so thankful for your information and instructions! And that you answered so quickly and in detail! A huge, huge thank you! So happy, and honored, that you came in my life! Whatever I can do for you, ask for it!​R.K. (Switzerland)

My wife and I called on the frequency therapy skills of Cathy and John to carry out a frequency assessment on both of us, as certain ailments had been crippling us for a long time. Without having given them the slightest clue as to what these were, they carried out an assessment that corresponded perfectly to the various pains we were experiencing. Following this, they recommended a frequency treatment with essential oils precisely adapted to each of us, and a few weeks after following their recommendations, we can say that our symptoms have almost all disappeared. Although the initial stages of treatment can sometimes be difficult, as the frequencies eliminate ailments from the body (which can make the first few days feel worse), it's well worth it, and these are gradually replaced by a real sense of well-being and lasting recovery. We would also like to thank them in particular for their kindness during our discussions, their attentiveness and their availability even after the appointment when we had questions. Thanks again Cathy and John for your invaluable help.​R & A (France)

Feel much better. No more allergy I think. The swelling finished! Thank you for your help!​I.M. (Portugal)

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