The Covid-19 Vaccine is a Bioweapon (Beware of Vaccine Shedding)

You can naturally negate the vax (reverse an adverse reaction) by eliminating spike proteins using therapeutic essential oils or teas after being exposed to vaccine shedding.

Prions and Disease

The term “spike protein“ is a corporate rebranding of prion protein. The rebranding is an attempt to obscure what, as many of us know, is extremely dangerous to the human body. In order to limit the effectiveness of this attack, we need strategies to break up these proteins and render them safe. Developing and manufacturing enzymes is unlikely because of time constraints.

Sharry Edwards' work on audio frequencies is promising. It is in development. It appeals to all who are striving for natural health sovereignty.

There is one readily available option that is non-invasive and very effective. Plant resonant frequencies (essential oils) are available in many forms. The sheer variety of plants and number of potential frequencies gives us the possibility to choose the correct healing frequency.

Understanding this information provides us with a direct path to vibrant health sovereignty and dominion over our own body.

An Effective and Practical Remedy

Try therapeutic essential oils as a treatment against vaccine shedding. What do you have to lose? The symptoms of having been exposed to vaccine shedding are flu-like symptoms, pain, nausea, nose bleeds, disorientation, dizziness, and (for women) abnormal menstrual bleeding.

  • If you don't know which vaccine you were exposed to, try one drop of Ravensara essential oil therapy (rub between your wrists) at bedtime for two consecutive days as a remedy, then every other day as prevention; or try one cup of peppermint/anise tea per day for at least seven days as a remedy, possibly long-term as prevention.

  • If you know which vaccine you were exposed to, try one drop of the therapeutic essential oil specified in the table below (rub between your wrists) at bedtime for two consecutive days as a remedy.

which manufacturer which essential oil
Astra Zeneca Sage, Oregano, or Ravensara Oil
Johnson & Johnson Pine or Ravensara Oil
Moderna Frankincense, Vetiver, or Ravensara Oil
Pfizer Myrrh or Ravensara Oil

See also herbal tea reference table.

The Virus We Know

Normally we suffer a virus for a few days or a few weeks and eventually recover. It is the usual encounter with an influenza virus. All virus behaves differently in the human body. As an example, Herpes simplex is quite well known and can be contracted through any bodily fluid. Epstein Barr (also a Herpes virus, E. B.), on the other hand, can only usually be contracted through blood contact. Once in a body, the action of both Herpes viruses is similar but E.B. prefers to colonise one of the organs, so we need only imagine what Herpes simplex does to the lips and the similar action of E.B, in say, the liver or the spleen. That obvious physical damage can be repaired by a body as soon as the virus is eliminated, in the same way we recover from influenza or a lip recovers from simplex blisters.

The Damage Is So Miniscule It Is Largely Ignored

All virus in propagation creates a by-product of a single protein. We have no corresponding enzymes to break these proteins (as we do for many of the proteins we eat) therefore the body has only one course of action, transportation to the liver and elimination through the colon with bile. The problem arises from the nature of the protein. They are smaller than the tiniest speck of dust but they are very sticky. I liken them to a soft cheese. A small percentage of those proteins can collect in the liver or the gall bladder and an even smaller percentage can attach to blood cells.

Some viruses can survive undetected in the body for years, or even decades, awaiting an opportunity to increase in number. That opportunity is when the host becomes weak for some reason. That is why Herpes simplex gets the name “cold sore” as another virus or bacteria (a cold) creates stress on our ability to combat or control invaders and is unable to keep the more permanent unwanted guests in check.

Protein coagulation in the liver is often mis-diagnosed as a tumor and, in the gall-bladder, becomes gall stones. Proteins become stones in the same way a piece of brie lost at the back of the fridge becomes solid. Attached to a blood cell, the proteins can be transported to any part of the circulatory system and clog anywhere, cause clotting and degenerative heart problems. A very, very small percentage can attach to blood cells and travel to the brain. In the brain, they are not an active threat, but the presence of a foreign protein throws brain chemistry out of balance.

Of course, cholesterol has no part in clogging or clotting, and if we do not eat it our bodies have to produce it. Statins are worthless like many of pharma’s products.

To clear viral proteins from the body, drink one cup of Moringa tea per day for two weeks.

Dementia and Alzheimer's

These two disease names are conjoined because the same viruses can lead to either outcome.

The liver is close to the colon and the majority of sticky proteins can be easily flushed. Whatever the virus in the liver, the resulting sticky proteins have a good chance of being pushed out of the body.

A viral infection in the spleen is very different. The physical symptoms are sporadic and global pains, Arthritis, and swelling. As the virus is in the lymphatic system, the process of elimination becomes more complicated as the protein has to be transported to the liver. This creates clogging in the lymphatic system, and a greater opportunity for protein to attach to blood cells.

The reason that Alzheimer's is more rapid in its onset is simply because of where in the body the virus resides, in the spleen.

Manufactured Sticky Prion Proteins

The spike proteins are artificial sticky proteins (prions) and, as such, can cause all the same problems; but they are produced far more rapidly by our own body. They are not vaccinations. They will not protect you.

How can any sane scientist not understand the danger of such an intervention in the human system? There is no credible defense.

The International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research published this report, suggesting that this “vaccine” may be worse than the disease it is meant to prevent.

There is no doubt what these proteins are. There is no doubt that mRNA production of these proteins will shorten your life.

You can naturally negate the vax (reverse an adverse reaction) by eliminating spike proteins using therapeutic essential oils or teas after being exposed to vaccine shedding.
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