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Technical Requirements

This website requires javascript and cookies in order to function normally. That is standard practice, and applies to virtually all websites. You have control over javascript and cookies in your browser settings. If in doubt, please check your browser settings. Thank you.

About Cookies

This website uses only “first-party strictly necessary cookies” as defined by the EU, so consent is not required under EU law.

These cookies include “cookie_test” (which helps us verify that cookies are enabled for normal website functioning and, if not, an error message will be displayed), as well as “captcha_code” and “captcha_resp” (which store information that proves that the captcha challenge was correctly answered by a human using your browser within the last year, and therefore the challenge is not repeated until the cookie expires). Login cookies are also used for administrative users, which do not affect typical website visitors.

Privacy Policy

This website does not use any personal information about website visitors in any non-consensual way. Personally-identifiable information we may collect about website visitors is never sold to any third party. This website does not collect any personally-identifiable information about website visitors, except those who donate, request a consultation, or join our mailing list.

Such collected information is used only to facilitate donations, fulfill consultation requests, add interested parties to our mailing list, and subsequently send email updates. Those who do not take such explicit actions are not personally identified. Those who click an “unsubscribe” link in the footer of email messages received from us are deleted from our mailing list. guarantees the security of the credit card information provided by donors. We do not store your credit card number. Only does so. We only store a Stripe customer ID number. We do not sell or provide your personally-identifiable information to any third party, except and our web hosting provider, who facilitate transactions and other web services.

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