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I'm John Millward. I'm a frequency therapist. I have used electro­magnetic frequencies for many years to help patients achieve vibrant health. Ten years ago, I discovered that natural frequencies are just as effective. Since then, I've been using natural frequencies on all my patients who I can't actually visit.

I am not a medical doctor, and I would not want to be. If you believe that the doctor is always right or the man in the white coat knows everything, then it may be better if you stop reading. If, however, you have an open mind with a minimum of conditioning then feel free to soak up as much of my truth that makes you happy, and help to heal yourself and the people in your life.

What's New?

Our healing is a process. Remove the pathogen, clear the debris, repair the damage; which may take anything from three days to three months. In that healing, we discover we have nothing to fear from pathogens and, of course, there is nothing to fear but fear itself, as fear is nothing more than the absence of truth.

Frequency Therapy via Therapeutic Essential Oils Is a True Remedy

Everything in the universe has a resonant frequency. That is the frequency at which an element or compound, solid or liquid, resonates. Since plants have resonant frequencies, applying an essential oil is applying frequencies.

If we feed back a resonant frequency, then whatever it is vibrates out of control. Covalent bonds break and implode. Pathogens are destroyed, and natural healing is achieved, by means of this natural vibration therapy.

The same principle applies in the macroscopic world: Make a crystal glass sing until it reaches resonance and it will break. Bridges near army barracks have a sign that reads “troops break step now” because the rhythm of marching boots would be enough to damage or break the bridge.

Every virus and indeed every pathogen has a resonant frequency. Since plants evolved on this planet, those frequencies have been recorded. We wonder at the resilience of plants or a tree that lives for 1000 years. It is time we wondered how they survive, seemingly without effort. For more information...

A Healing Crisis?

It is believed that some people react to some essential oil therapy, but that is a misunderstanding of how they operate. Skin reactions occur simply because many essential oils contain fungal frequencies and the reaction is the body's reaction to dying fungus, a normal clean up response to debris in the system. If we have any fungal infection, Sage essential oil will elicit a response.

An Allergic Reaction?

Asthmatics are often told (ad nauseum) that they are sensitive and nervous; and yet asthma, eczema, and hay fever are a consequence of a pathogenic infection. That the medical institution and the respiratory experts—after 100 years of study—do not know this is a testament to that institution's narrow view. All they had to do was ask any herbalist—but hey, that's not real science, they say.

There are two fungal infections that can cause symptoms like that, and both are easily eliminated by various methods. Tinea Versicolor is the main cause, but Tinea Capita in the lungs can cause similar symptoms. Both also produce skin irritation and rashes when the fungus is in the dermis. The whole Tinea family is the main culprit where skin outbreaks are concerned (athlete's foot, Tinea Pedis, for instance).

The mechanism of asthma, hay fever, and eczema is exactly the same. The resultant scary effects are due to a clean-up response which is a natural bodily function. When a virus is eliminated, the residual debris would fit on a pinhead.

The volume of dying fungus is 10,000 times greater. That dead organic matter has to be cleaned from the system. The clean-up team require a great deal of fluid for their survival, and to transport debris to wherever the nearest ejection point is. The current fad is to call this fluid and the cells it contains a “Cytokine Storm”. Its ejection of debris creates all the symptoms we observe. The only other mystery to solve is what is the reason for the sudden death of the fungus. The solution is simple, scientifically provable, and well known in natural medicine. For more information...

Caveat: Essential Oils and Pregnancy

The developing child, especially in the first three months of development, is subject to DNA, which in turn is subject to frequency. It is for this reason that pregnant mothers should avoid powerful outside frequencies. For the first six months of pregnancy It is safer not to use essential oils.

There are two viruses and one fungus that can cause problems during pregnancy. HPV1 and HPV2 can cause various problems but Eclampsia (HPV2) is the worst possible. Candida can produce growths in the Endometrium. Fortunately, all of these can be eliminated with an herbal tea. Lemon Verbena or Echinacea tea will clear all three in six weeks at one cup per day. So, even in the third trimester, there is still time to clear the virus before the birth.

Update: As of September 10, 2023, HPV2 no longer exists, so is no longer a concern.

How Are Therapeutic Essential Oils Administered?

The method of use is as simple as applying an expensive perfume, one drop, on the wrist, spread with the other wrist, every night before bed. Ingesting oil is largely ineffective because the enzyme Lipase in the mouth is there to break oils but topically, they are very powerful. The length of treatment depends on the depth of infection. Even what is known as chronic illness can be eliminated in six weeks and with one drop per night, that is equal to one 5 ml bottle of oil.

Frequency (essential oil) therapy can be administered at home, without the need for expensive equipment—just a well chosen 10 ml bottle of therapeutic essential oil.

Liability Statement

Any information, statement, advice, exercise, practice or teaching method presented or offered on this website is in good faith and with the best intentions. John does not present himself as a medical professional, or a professional of any kind, or any other practice that requires a professional license or certification for services rendered. All participants use this site of their own free choice and with personal discernment and judgment. The intent is to provide information for personal and health enhancement.

Choose natural frequency therapy as your effective natural remedy.
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