Broad Spectrum Frequency Healing Machines

There are many frequency healing devices on the market that use broad spectrum frequencies. In certain circumstances, with correct usage, they can be helpful in attaining and maintaining good health.

These machines generally use frequencies with an array of harmonic frequencies, which I should explain. In music, a key is a group of notes that resonate together, that is, they are in harmony. So on a piano, for instance, if the “C” note is played A minor and D (same key) also vibrate which is why the damper pedal needs to be used in a quiet passage of music. The same is true for many frequencies, no matter how they are created.

In emergency situations in the past (for a dog bite etc.) I did use the frequency 3089, a frequency close to the frequency of candida, that has harmonics within range of bacteria, fungus and even some virus. Useful in an emergency, but as a long term prospect it can be a problem.

That frequency has a harmonic at around 4887 which is almost the frequency of Campylobacter. Campylobacter is one of the bacteria we maintain, in balance, in the small intestine. Elsewhere in the body, it causes various problems which is why the small intestine is a sealed system.

If we were to use that frequency (even as a harmonic) every day we would eventually destroy the Campylobacter population in the small intestine (which is quite difficult to penetrate). Remember, this is just one harmonic frequency of a broad spectrum frequency and these machines have between three and 80 different broad-spectrum frequencies.

This shotgun approach to frequency therapy can be helpful if the machines are used properly, but even then it is quite often an expensive option. The cost of those machines range from a few hundred to a several thousands of whatever your local currency is.

I would advise one of two separate options. First use a rifle not a shotgun. We can pinpoint the exact frequency and pathogen that is causing the health problem. If we cannot treat you directly we can advise as to which herb or essential oil that will eliminate the pathogen(s).

The second option is simply to visit the tables page of this website, choose the one with the largest range of bacteria if that is what you suspect you have.

For a very small amount of money, you will receive the same healing power as with an expensive machine and—most importantly—with accurate frequency diagnosis and appropriate frequency treatment, you are certain to be able to eliminate the cause(s) of a health problem without harm.

—John Millward

Choose natural frequency therapy as your effective natural remedy.
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