New Monkey Business

First of all, there is an insistence that there is a virus called “COVID” (I am assured that is the common name). I treat people who have been told they have “COVID” every day. I treat them successfully because I treat the vax proteins they have acquired, not a virus. Even the whistle blowers misguidedly continue the virus-and-variant narrative, even though such a virus does not exist.

The “monkey pox” is not a virus and therefore will have to be introduced. In fact, real monkey viruses cannot be passed from human to human. Some are listed below. These viruses can only be passed through the blood, so—in nature—a monkey would have to bite you. (The photograph shows the beginning of oedema in the dermis.)

The production of vaccine includes incubating virus in macaque monkeys, killing them and “harvesting the antibodies”. All the monkey virus introduced into the human species is by this method, and is the responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry. This method has been used for more than 60 years.

One word about monkey pox...nonsense. The pharmaceutical industry has been injecting people with monkey virus for at least 60 years. Do your own research. Search for “Doctor Mary's Monkey” (a book title). The author of this book has a radio interview on YouTube which is informative enough, and the book is still available.

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome = SV32
  • Fibromyalgia = SV11
  • Arthritis/Hepatitis A = SV19
  • Multiple Sclerosis/Hepatitis B = SV5
  • Leukaemia = SV40

Update: All of these viruses have been eliminated worldwide except SV32. See “mass meditations” for details.

“SV” in each case above is the abbreviation of Simian Virus. Where I listed two disease names separated by a slash, it is because the same virus causes different diseases in the spleen and liver.

The frequency of proxy monkey disease is 9,343 Hz, and Nigella Sativa oil has that frequency.

Judging by my first proxy monkey virus patient, the protein (a prion protein that prefers the dermis) was, and possibly will continue to be, introduced via an anti-inflammatory injection (she had a car accident).

Some oils that will eliminate the protein are Arnica, Nigella Sativa, Juniper, or Artemisia. Moringa and Moringa tea also have that frequency.


Choose natural frequency therapy as your effective natural remedy.
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