Healing the World through Frequency (Overview)

Overview Specifics

Let's Heal the World's Oceans

Spike proteins are being fed into the oceans via the effluent of sewage systems around the world. These spike proteins are causing illness and death in sea creatures, from the smallest fish to the largest whales.

Beginning February 11th, 2024, and the second and fourth Sunday of each month thereafter, we'll hold mass meditations to heal the world's oceans and all the life within them.

This requires persistence, because the effluent keeps flowing. As long as there are people choosing illness, we have no right to contravene their decision, so we can't eliminate all spike proteins. But we can save the oceans, and therefore all life on Earth.

This will be different from our prior mass meditations, as it will be segmented. There will be three segments to each meditation. Be patient with yourself, and you'll get it. Thanks for your support.

  1. Frequency 1834 for 6 minutes
  2. Frequency 2743 for 8 minutes
  3. Frequency 3332 for 7 minutes

Keep Daylight Savings in Mind

Depending on your country, March and April are the months when a shift due to daylight savings is expected. Keep in mind that GMT time zone does not shift for daylight savings, so if your country does, the meditation time expressed in your time zone will change. Please convert again after each daylight savings event. Thank you.

Date, Time, and Method

Date: Second and Fourth Sundays
Time: 14:30 GMT
Method: Focus on the frequency number and direct your love to the world's oceans.

Convert to your time zone.


Beginning July 31, 2023, we have been leading a series of mass meditations that targeted specific weaponized pathogens, one at a time, possibly the largest mass meditations the world has ever seen.

During no less than ten of these meditations, there were hundreds of millions of participants each time. In two cases, there were over 3 billion! One by one, pathogens were eliminated, and peace was advanced, worldwide. It was an incredible experience.

Together we achieved something amazing that those who are unaware would think impossible. What we demonstrated over the course of five months, the power of collective consciousness, is unprecedented. Just as importantly—it proves that at least two thirds of the population of this planet are aware, and have a positive intention.

That we have eradicated all of those pathogens is not doubted by me or any of the practitioners who carry out accurate diagnosis on a regular basis. None of us see those viruses anymore. None of us can even find a small example. Nine out of ten patients would, in the past, have at least one of them. By saving lives, we have together ensured that billions more will be able to witness the coming transition.

My greatest hope is that, now that you all realise you have this power, you will continue to use it for the good of all.

We cannot be certain that someone somewhere is not planning a new bioweapon, but the list of viruses that could be used in such a dark endeavor is greatly diminished. I will remain vigilant. If I find anything that requires the power of more than the small group of meditators/healers I know personally, I will be calling on you for assistance.

Toward that end, please stay in touch by joining my mailing list or Telegram channel. (On subscribing to my mailing list, please make sure to complete the second step: validation.) Messages are sent less frequently through the mailing list, in both English and French.

We know that our achievement is of epic proportions, and counter to the negativity that still exists. We are all one. When we use our love as one, anything is possible. This is the year we all discover our individual and collective gifts. We all have a rapidly expanding consciousness. We know we are loved, special, and beginning to blossom.

I thank you all for persevering with me, and for all of the kindness you have demonstrated. I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

Love and joy to all,

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