Where to Buy Essential Oils

For therapeutic (not aromatic) benefits, please buy pure essential oils (not blends), and apply them full strength (not diluted, see “A Healing Crisis?”). Buying locally is ideal; or if you don't have a local source, you might patronize these online stores. To avoid shipping hassles, please choose a geographic area close to you.

John carefully selected these vendors; but if you have trouble with any of them, please let him know, and he may not recommend them anymore.

a. Butterfly Express, Clifton, Idaho, United States
b. Plant Therapy, Twin Falls, Idaho, United States
c. Jade Bloom, Draper, Utah, United States
d. Rocket Robin, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
e. AW Gifts, Throughout Europe
f. Wild as the Wind, Winscombe, United Kingdom
g. Ikaro, Lima, Peru
h. Use Orgânico, São Paulo, Brasil
i. Med Naturalis, Santiago, Chile
j. Hysses, Singapore
k. Zurma, Christchurch, New Zealand
m. Florihana, Tokyo, Japan
n. SVA Naturals, Delhi, India
o. Kush Aroma Exports, Jalalpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
p. Blomera Essential Oils, Lagos, Nigeria
q. DK Aromatherapy, Hong Kong
r. Oshadhi, Cambridge, UK
s. Voshuiles, Nevers, France

Choose natural frequency therapy as your effective natural remedy.
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