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Natural Frequency Therapy Training Course

How to search and eliminate all infectious agents from an organism thanks to natural frequencies.

Hello everyone! We are opening enrollment for the next trainings in Natural Frequency Therapy as we practice it.

The first part will cover the basics of Awakening Consciousness and the second part will guide you to establish a complete frequency assessment and how to eliminate infections thanks to the frequencies of plants (natural frequencies).

These two parts can be separated.

1st part: April - May, 2023
2nd part: September - October, 2023

There are no essential prerequisites, only an open mind and empathic motivation, because as for any new learning, it will be necessary to practice and acquire experience.

The trainings are collective and online, two hours a week.

Your objective must be altruistic, never a gain of money or notoriety. If your motivations are not the right ones, you will not succeed. The Universe, compassion, and love will provide.

If you are interested, please contact me, and I will send you all the details.

Oversubscription is guaranteed but all those not included in this course will be at the top of the list in the next one. Once you have received the invitation, please confirm your intention as soon as possible.


Escolha a terapia de frequência natural como o seu remédio natural eficaz.
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