About Self-Diagnosis

Self-diagnosis is possible but it requires a little practice. Very soon, I will include a short training program to help decide which oil to use. For the majority, diagnosis is not essential as many of the oils cover an enormous range of bacterial and viral frequencies. For bacteria, I would suggest Pine or Laurel (Bay Leaf). For virus, I suggest the same, or—if you are aware of a fungal infection—Cedar or Spruce.

Symptomatic Analysis

Symptomatic analysis is complex and requires experience, a knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and human biological processes. The number of variables involved complicates the analysis still further.

Imagine arriving in a doctor’s office with a digestion problem. First the doctor will try to ascertain where in the digestive tract the problem is. Even that decision is not straightforward. Pain and discomfort is usually perceived in the colon but that can be true even if the problem is in the small intestine. The final difficulty is the actual cause—because if it is a pathogen, it could be fungal, bacterial, viral, or a parasite and the only way to find out is with an in-depth investigation, lab work and internal procedures. As I said above, too many variables, which is why the doctor’s initial response is likely to be “you have irritable bowel syndrome”, which is a medical term for dodgy digestion. Whether it is due to an inappropriate diet, a nematode worm, or colon cancer it is the most likely primary opinion of a doctor.


Diagnosis, an often-misused word, is an ancient method of divination which predates the word's Greek origins by many thousands of years. The methods of divination use indicators such as the twig of a tree or a pendulum but the response is a physical response from the person divining. It is a small response hence the need for an indicator.

The body is naturally positive resulting in a normal positive response from all of our bodily functions. If we hold an arm out, clench the fist and push from above, the arm will continue to resist that pressure for as long as you hold the fist.


There are methods to use this knowledge to test ourselves. If we connect and hold the middle finger and thumb of one hand and press them together then interlock the finger and thumb of the other hand it is not possible to pull them apart unless we release the pressure. To test, use the same shape with one hand and maintain the pressure. Use the middle finger of the other hand and attempt to push through the finger and thumb. Normally the clamped finger and thumb will remain positive but anything negative will for 1/10 of a second make the muscles weak and that is a physical negative response. No matter how tightly we hold the finger and thumb together the other finger will easily pass through.

In order to use this method in diagnosis, or any other diagnostic method, we first need put ourselves into a state of mind, which we all know but generally do not notice. We can only rely on our consciousness for a truly right or wrong answer, what we may call “intuition” or “the unconscious mind”. The conscious mind is useful for formulating questions with yes/no answers but other than that it has no part in the testing process. The response is physical, therefore we only rely on the physical response.

The Place To Be

This state of mind is experienced by everybody every day, where the conscious mind has no input. When we are ready to sleep, we do not go instantly into sleep from awake. There is a space in between that is not conscious or asleep. We usually only notice this state if our drifting into sleep is disturbed by a loud noise or a bright flash of light or pain. It is pre-sleep or pre-meditation; it is the daydream state. In this state the conscious mind has relinquished control. That is the target state. It allows the muscle response to remain accurate.

Boolean Questions

There can only be yes-or-no answers with this method. Anything ambiguous or with a double negative only results in confusion. Begin with questions you know the answers to. My name is John, I live in Idaho, I am a cat, and any you know, consciously, to be negative or positive, to check your physical response. For your health I suggest you always begin with these questions.

  1. I have a fungal infection.
  2. I have a bacterial infection.
  3. I have a viral infection.
  4. I have a parasite.

This will indicate what the problem is, but to cross reference with our symptoms we need to know where it is. It is better to break down the location, and—if anatomy is not a strong point—the breakdown can be enough to convince you that you are on the right track.

  1. Is the infection in the top half of the body?
  2. If so, is it in the head? Is it in the arms? is it in the esophagus? Is it in the lung?

  3. Is the infection in the lower half of the body?
  4. If so, is it in the intestine? Colon? Liver? Gall bladder? Spleen? Kidneys? Adrenals? Pancreas?
  5. Is it in the legs? The feet? Is it gynecological?

Knowing what it is allows you to choose an essential oil that is most likely to remove the problem. For a fungus the simple herbs have an excellent range of fungal frequencies and some have an amazing range of bacterial frequencies (echinacea, for example). Always use herbal tea for fungus it is much gentler and allows you to gauge the level of removal.

For bacteria and virus, the tree oils have very comprehensive lists, some with more bacteria, all with many viruses.
Of course, if you have come this far, you can always check if your particular infection is on the list or go through the list of the pathogens, checking each one until you find it to see which one affects you.

If diagnosis is not possible, there are some other clues you could use. If you have had an undiagnosed illness for some time, then it is very likely caused by a virus. There may be a fungus involved. Psoriasis is normally a combination of Tinea Capita (fungus) and HPV2 (human papilloma virus). So be careful with the fungus.

If all else fails, then I am available for a video health consultation.

Get in good health, stay in good health.—John

Choose essential oil therapy as an effective remedy for virtually every ailment (except those few truly genetic diseases).
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