The History of Frequency Healing

About Frequency Healing

Most people will tell you that frequency healing has been around for one hundred years or so. There were machines on the market at the Paris exhibition in the 1880's but they were not very accurate or comfortable to use. It was after the 1918 influenza outbreak that serious engineers like Nikola Tesla and Raymond Rife set their minds to finding a frequency healing solution.

If this comes as a shock to you, it is because you are not supposed to know this.

How and Why Has Frequency Healing Been Suppressed?

There was another new kid on the block in the early twentieth century which was backed by some of the wealthiest industrialists on the planet. They called it “medicine”. The pharmaceutical business investment was from the same people in an attempt to corner the health market. Most notable among the founders of this new institution was John D. Rockefeller.

These same people also began to invest in universities and the medical facilities that already existed. Of course, with bursaries and grants the “right kind” of thinking was engendered. Fundamental to that thinking was always profit and protecting financial interests. That protection knows no bounds. Anyone with scientific proof of the efficacy of natural remedies will be silenced.

Anything natural cannot be patented and that is the only reason natural remedies are to this day treated with disdain in the mainstream.

Homeopathy uses water, and could use essential oils, or earth elements, or many different things. Water records the frequencies that it comes across. That's one of the miracles of water. It takes on any frequency easily. For more background on this, read Dr. Masaru Emoto. Another man who did research on homeopathy was Jacques Ben Veniste. He was the head of the French national health service Inserm. He discovered by accident that homeopathy actually worked, and proved it in his lab with his assistant. He wrote a paper in Nature magazine, as he often did, then his career was destroyed.

Politics is simple: Up until 1900, there were two parallel medical systems. One was a system of actual healing using herbalism and homeopathy, and the other was a brand new system called “medicine”, promoted by doctors who refused to have anything to do with natural remedies, insisting they were “unscientific”. One particular man took a great interest in it. His name was John D. Rockefeller. For historical context, this video is recommended.

What I do was demonstrated as absolutely the best way to treat people until 1934. Since then, it's been buried by the medical establishment. Raymond Rife was an engineer from San Diego, California, working in Pasadena. He built a microscope that can see viruses, which the medical profession would have you believe is still impossible. In 1920, he discovered that, because of the way his specimens were lit, the visible viruses had a colored flourescence around them. Having studied engineering, he knew that a different color meant a different frequency.

This made it possible to identify the frequency of pathogens, and treat them by applying a frequency. Applying essential oils means applying a frequency.

Choose natural frequency therapy as your effective natural remedy.
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