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February 11, 2024, Onward: Much Healthier Sea Life!

Congratulations to all of the perfect hearts that made this happen. Our cousins of the sea are very grateful.

The people who would have us believe that they care so much about the environment and are creating new authoritarian laws to curtail our liberty also created a problem for the oceans that endangers all life on this planet.

That it is killing people (the primary objective of the agenda) is clear for all those with an open mind. That it would have destroyed the oceanic ecosystem may have been inadvertent.

Why biochemists believe that those proteins will remain in some sort of harmony within a human body is a mystery to me, but that is how it seems. That biochemists claim not to know what prion proteins do in the human body after the hundreds of scientific papers on the subject is beyond belief.

Our intention was to clear the problem from the oceans, but I knew it would be more complicated than our past accomplishments. On February 11, 2024, we eliminated from the oceans...

  • Frequency 1834, Alternaria mould proteins (Moderna prions): 100%
  • Frequency 2743, Stachybotrys mould proteins (Pfizer prions): 92%
  • Frequency 3332, Aspergillus mould proteins (Johnson & Johnson prions): 100%

...A result we can all rejoice in. And there is a complication to overcome. The proteins self-replicate (as some mould proteins do); and those people that have those proteins (by injection or infection from others) are creating a lot of new proteins every day. Each of those perfect human bodies is working hard to try to eliminate them.

Which means that the proteins will continue to be poured into the oceans. As that is the situation, let's increase our sea life meditation to once every 2 weeks until political and public awareness changes, and we may be allowed to remove them planet wide. At the moment there are still many who chose to have those proteins injected and we can't go against free will.

February 11: 7,999,550 participants
February 25: 9,676,000 participants
March 10: 10,700,000 participants
March 24: 8,788,576 participants
March 31: 11,957,770 participants
April 14: 10,474,774 participants
April 28: 14,000,000 participants
May 12: 12,987,386 participants
May 26: 8,876,000 participants
June 9: 15,000,000 participants

May 5, 2024: Caesium has been Neutralised on the Surface of this Planet

The result of our collective meditation is a neutralising of caesium 137 in the environment and also in underground storage facilities. We did that, all 14.8 million of us. We saved many lives today and many, many more will be spared in the future. My gratitude is enormous. Thank you for participating. Blessings to you all.

April 21, 2024: Marburg Virus Is No More!

Thanks to our efforts we need not consider Marburg again. An amazing collective consciousness of 13,474,600 souls with positive intent eliminated that virus. Those incubating these viruses will run out of ideas long before we become incapable of dispatching any pathogen they choose. The choices of deadly virus are already limited but the determination of those creating and advertising the next pandemic cannot be allowed to succeed, even with an influenza virus. Thank you all for participating. Blessings, Love and joy. John

April 7, 2024: We Put an End to the Dengue Project!

Thank you for your attention and intention. Our collective consciousness has negated all of the virus that causes Dengue fever. Today the collective consciousness was 8,992,870 strong and without a doubt that virus has gone. So far on healing journey we have helped to improve the health of more than 2.5 billion people. Around one third of the world population can now enjoy their own expansion of consciousness.

January 21, 2024: Goodbye, Polio!

All of polio has now been eradicated. Incredible but true! 4,999,884 souls joined together for today’s heroic quest. I had to count them all, as we were so close to 5 million. All of the derivatives/​mutations, and any expression of that virus everywhere is gone. The first Poliomyelitis vaccination (1958) was the beginning of the escalation of the “soft kill” attack on the whole human population. All of our effort over the past five and a half months has reduced the possibility that such evil can be used again; but I will remain vigilant. You are all amazing. You all have my gratitude and admiration. Thank you.

January 14, 2024: The Day COVID-19 Was Eradicated Worldwide

I am very impressed. I had no idea how many were going to join us today. I was warned by Mack (the beautiful soul and technical genius behind the website) to not be so hasty disbanding the collective consciousness. That 2,787,000 souls joined us today brought joy to my heart. With your help and love we have eradicated the virus used as the pandemic pretext and it can never again be used for anything. My gratitude is enormous. I would love to thank you all personally but there is not a stadium big enough to hold us all. Thank you. Love and joy to everyone. —John

December 24, 2023: Anthrax Dormant Terminated and Peace Decreed

That was different and beautiful. We began as a collective consciousness numbering 98,896,000 and increased to 3,148,954,000. There is clearly great support out there for peace on this eve of peace. Thank you. Peace and love to all of you. May this new year be the most joyous we have ever experienced. Love and peace will prevail.

December 17, 2023: We Terminated Anthrax Live

The time, love, and dedication of all those who participated has achieved the impossible again. You are all amazing. 28,686,000 beautiful compassionate souls joined together and eliminated live Anthrax. Next week, with your help, we can complete the task and eliminate dormant Anthrax as well. Thank you and blessings to you all. Love and joy to you all and deep gratitude.

December 10, 2023: The Day Smallpox Ceased to Exist

Incredible! More than 700,000 people will now recover from Smallpox, and millions more will never suffer that disease. I am joyous that this particular bacteria is gone from our planet. It is definitely gone, because this week we were 88,675,000 strong. Thank you all for helping with this enormous challenge. It will not go unnoticed for long. Bless you all!

December 3, 2023: Good Riddance to Tick Fever!

The virus that resonated at 19,996 Hz had many names. It was used as a weapon on many communities, generally with live ticks dropped from above, all over the world. It was the cause of numerous debilitating symptoms, and could develop into cancer.

By getting rid of it, we improved the lives of 20,888,000 people. Tick Fever (etc.) is no longer a problem we have to consider. It was completely eradicated in today's mass meditation.

With thanks to the effort and love of all of the souls involved, I pray that your involvement in these meditations leads you to a greater understanding of your own personal power, and the power of the collective consciousness. Once we all know our power, then we have nothing else to consider.

It is for all of the 11,786,000 caring souls who participated today that I feel such deep gratitude. Without you, this would not be possible. Blessings and love to you all, and thank you.

November 26, 2023: SV11 Virus Is Now Gone

SV11 was the virus culprit that liked the spleen. It was the cause of Fibromyalgia (rheumatic arthritic pain that moves around the body via the lymphatic system). It caused suffering and disability. It would eventually become cancerous. It could infect any organ of the body. In the kidneys, for instance, it would have the same symptoms as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

More than 5 million more people who had SV11 are now able to recover, blossom, and find their own path. There were 5,687,000 concerned, caring souls participating in the healing meditation. That is probably equal to the number of those suffering with the virus. We were healing them on an approximately one-to-one basis.

I have no doubt that SV11 is gone. There are no more weaponized simian viruses on Earth. SV11 was the last. Thank you all. Every one of you is important and worthy of praise. With deep gratitude and love, John.

November 19, 2023: Aichi Virus Is No More!

Another killer virus is removed from circulation. We did it again! Almost ten million souls connected to eradicate Aichi virus worldwide. It is gone. For me, it is amazing watching these viruses fall off the radar. Thank you all once again for making this possible. Love and blessings to all of you who joined this collective consciousness. May we learn and develop our potential as our path reveals.

Aichi virus was the least discussed virus. Barely noticed by medics or allopathic medicine in general. When I checked some years ago, there were only three papers on the subject. It was a human virus. That is, it was a virus that developed to survive in the human body and cross infect. As such, it would normally not be sanctioned for elimination; however, because it is currently in use as a weapon, it was our duty to destroy the weapon.

Eventually Aichi would become cancerous when a body was weak enough. From my records, around 10% of patients had Aichi virus. Like all virus, it could take years or decades for the infection to grow out of control. But now, that can never again happen with Aichi virus. Deep gratitude, John.

November 12, 2023: Bye Bye, Yellow Fever

Amazing! I can only assume that many meditators stayed with us after the peace meditation. A big “thank you” for your assistance in this noble cause.

888,787,000 souls broadcast their love and the yellow fever frequency, so that virus no longer exists. Yellow fever had been weaponised many times, and is included in current vaccines. That is why it is not only our right to eliminate it; but it is our duty to humanity.

To knowingly inject such things into people is immoral and criminal. To not know what is being injected is, at the very least, negligent. Of the 4.88 million people with that virus, almost 3 million have received it in the last three weeks.

Our action with love has righted an obvious wrong. We can rejoice in knowing that we helped 5 million people and that another element of that agenda has been removed.

My gratitude is for the individual love and power of everyone who gave to the collective consciousness today. Thank you all.

November 5, 2023: A Phenomenal Show of Support for World Peace

What an incredible experience! We apologize for the delay in reporting, but the number of participants is difficult to determine. There are several readings from different persons. But taking the most conservative figure:

4.5 Billion beautiful souls were resonating peace and harmony as one during our meditation today! That is, a number equivalent to 60% of the world’s population projected their intention for world peace. We exceeded our target by more than four times.

Thank you so much for your support! I still feel it flowing through me. I pray that such a positive and unanimous call for peace will neutralise all of the former negativity. Enjoy a positive and beautiful week. We all need and deserve one.

In preparing for the peace meditation, I was guided toward the frequency 994 Hz, which I later found is actually the frequency of forgiveness. Forgiveness is clearly much needed at the moment, but that is not the only reason we were guided there. Forgiveness is an integral aspect of peace, and both are integral aspects of love.

There is also a technical reason of which I was not aware: All of the aspects of love are harmonic in this frequency. There are also 181 higher healing harmonics contained in it, so—as a healing mantra—if the cause of illness is unknown, 994 would be a good one to use.

A frequency analysis of 994 Hz will look something like the diagram here. These are the first five harmonic frequencies.

October 29, 2023: Lassa Virus is Gone!

That was really powerful. I feel that some of those who will join us for next week’s meditation for peace joined with us today to eliminate Lassa Fever virus. There is no doubt that it no longer exists. It was “augmented” from a pangolin virus. Remember that story? We had 888,998,000 participants today, a phenomenal force. We have already eliminated 12 deadly viruses and there are 4 more scheduled. You are all worthy of praise and my gratitude for your endeavour is enormous. Thank you, bless you, and may peace be with you. We are well prepared for next week’s peace meditation.

October 22, 2023: The Annihilation of SV28

Thanks to 322 million meditators today, SV28 was annihilated worldwide. More than six million people will have greatly improved health from now on, and a diminished chance of an early demise. SV28 was the last of the introduced simian viruses. We can rejoice in our knowledge of the end of the scourge of simian virus. All that is left is the mutated virus that is the cause of Lassa fever. This is worthy of celebration! Maybe one day the whole of humanity will remember October 22, 2023. I will find joy in telling them of the hundreds of millions of souls that made it possible. Gratitude for all of your work. Thank you. Blessings to you all!

October 15, 2023: SV5 is Eliminated!

Although there were fewer meditators this time (98.9 million), we still completely eliminated Simian Virus 5. SV5 was the cause of 20% of cancer and many other diseases. It should never have been a virus in the human condition. If we were to live in an area where monkeys live or we have a monkey as a pet, then there was a small chance we could be exposed. Millions have suffered and untold millions have died in the last 50 years. It is a joy to me that there are fewer viruses in the patients who come to me. Gratitude to all those who participated in the eradication. Thank you for your time and dedication in this endeavour.

October 8, 2023: The Astounding Journey Continues: SV19 is Eradicated!

Incredible! SV19 is totally eradicated from the human condition. More than one third of a billion caring souls made certain of that. There were 357,698,000 of us projecting love and the frequency 36,666 Hz. This virus was found in 5 out of every 10 patients by the practitioners I know. Some will believe this to be impossible; but when the incidence of cancer, arthritis, and many other diseases falls and mortality rates worldwide drop off the scale, those people will have to find a credible reason. So keep watch on your local health statistics and find joy in this positive action. It is with deep gratitude I thank you on behalf of the 280 million no longer suffering and on behalf of all the practitioners who have addressed SV19. Love and blessings one and all.

October 4, 2023: Goodbye Virus SV40!

Thank you to all of the 299,100,000 who took part in waving a loving goodbye to SV40. The elimination of SV40 is significant because it was the first to be used as a rapid growth cancer agent. It was discovered in between 1966 and 1968 that the mutated SV40, when subjected to radiology, could bring about exponential growth of the virus in just three weeks. That we collectively put an end to such an obvious weapon of tyranny is a source of joy and hope for all of humankind. Gratitude and blessings to everyone involved and a personal heartfelt thank you from me.

October 1, 2023: Zika virus Is No More!

Amazing! 298,644,000 souls have cause to be joyous with the elimination of Zika virus. It is a joy and also incredible that so many are moved to help in healing the world. More than quarter of a billion and still increasing. It fills my heart that so many have joined us and that so many already have the awareness necessary.

There was a confusion of frequency between the previously announced number here and the number posted on Telegram but in physics there is a rule of thumb. If the frequency is within 1% of an object's frequency it will resonate. Those two numbers are within 0.2% and therefore whichever you chose would eliminate Zika.

Another successful elimination of another potential weapon and all those who were suffering will be relieved. Expressing gratitude with words never seems enough so I will give a prayer of blessing to you all.

September 27, 2023: The end SARS!

That was amazing. I am sending my love and gratitude to the 278,676,000 beautiful souls that joined in this meditation to eliminate SARS from our planet. At the end of the meditation, I received a gift of a display of joyous color that was completely indescribable. Thank you. Blessings to you all.

September 24, 2023: The End of Ebola Virus!

Amazing! That was very powerful. Since India apparently joined in in a big way today, we had 250,870,000 meditators to eliminate Ebola virus from the planet. This quarter of a billion meditators gave their love for the good of us all. Ebola could not possibly survive that. Thanks to those who helped spread the word, and thanks to those who gave their time and energy today to join the throng. Love to all of you. Look at how humanity is coming together for a matchless purpose!

September 20, 2023: Orf Virus has Disappeared!

What a joy that 149 million meditators came together to eliminate Orf virus, and it is now gone! The end of Orf virus is the start of recovery for many children and adults. Saved from a lifetime of being locked inside their own dysfunctional nervous system. Lemon Verbena tea, one cup every day or Lemon Verbena essential oil, one drop every day will provide the cleansing of the viral proteins to further relieve the pressure on the nervous system. In two months their body’s will recover as completely as is possible. The change will be visible to all who know them. Thank you all for this gift of joy you have made possible. The lack of Autism and Aspbergers in the future will be noticed.

September 17, 2023: HIV Virus has Disappeared!

128,899,000 caring souls armed only with love (I say “only”, but we know the power) and one number made something amazing possible. Today HIV has been destroyed worldwide. Although I provide the frequencies, without the power of your love, I could only handle a few at a time. There are not enough years in a lifetime for someone to do what we are doing in 15 minutes. 5.6 million healthier souls will be much more comfortable now. Distance healing with just one person would take about 1000 days without food or sleep. I pray that you all feel self-empowered and rightfully self-congratulatory. Love, joy, and gratitude to all.

September 13, 2023: Guillain-Barré Virus Is Gone!

The growing group of giving souls continues. 98.7 million spread the love worldwide. I have no doubt that Guillain-Barré can now only be referred to in the past tense. Eventually, it will be forgotten. There are now 78,850,000 healthier people in the world. There is none of this virus left languishing in a lab somewhere. That is worth congratulation! Gratitude to you all. Thank you for your time and dedication. I have no words to explain how uplifting this is for someone who has been helping people with disease for nearly 20 years. It no longer seems like an uphill battle. Thank you all!

September 10, 2023: Goodbye HPV2 Virus, and Why It Is Amazing

Thank you for assisting in the eradication of HPV2. More than 78 million pure souls have assured the safety of a billion or more people, plus many animals.

What an amazing group of noble souls. We achieved the “impossible” and demonstrated the potential of collective consciousness. HPV2 is no more. Just so that you all know what that means, I would like to give you a broad outline of the damage that virus caused.

The virus in propagation created a secondary problem, as does all virus, because the outer shell of the virus breaks open and releases the new generation. The shell is made of pico-size prion proteins (proteins we have no enzyme for, so we cannot break them) and they are sticky, which means they can clump together and stick to any surface. This is the cause of heart failure, strokes, thrombosis, and dementia. If there is a build-up in the spine, it also presents as epilepsy.

That it was one cause of “cancer” is without doubt. Even the medical institution has recognised that, since its discovery, it was the main cause of cancer of the cervix, prostate, kidneys, and pancreas. That virus created damage in any organ of the body. From blindness to bunions to plantar fasciitis.

It could live in a body for decades, generally kept in check by the immune system, but when the body is weakened by another infection or a lack of dietary needs, it expanded rapidly and migrated to other areas.

HPV2 in the uterus could result in problems for a mother and child from conception to birth. If it was present at the point of conception, the result could have been one of many so-called genetic disorders (spina bifida, for instance). As the virus was pushed out of the womb during pregnancy, it could result in an attack on muscles and other organs. This is what is known as eclampsia. If it is present in the cervix at the point of birth, the result would be a child who already has HPV2.

So now you know what an amazing achievement our meditation is. Remember, this is just a snapshot of the problems created by one single virus.

In a better world, this would be cause for rejoicing and celebrating everywhere. We know what we did, and we can rejoice with the like-minded people in our lives. My gratitude and joy is overwhelming. May your love continue to heal. Love and joy, John

July 31 through August 18, 2023: Graphene and Nanogarbage

47 million souls finished off the last of the nanogarbage (graphene and related products) tonight. Thank you and congratulations for winning the first people's battle with nothing but truth and love. The new “Healing the World Through Frequency” web page will be available on the website early next week. If we can gather a group of souls of the same magnitude as tonight, we can eradicate 80% of human disease. Thank you all for making this a complete success. I am looking forward to joining with you all again to change the way we all look at health. Love and joy, John.

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