Healing the World Through Frequency (Past)

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September 20, 2023: Orf Virus has Disappeared!

What a joy that 149 million meditators came together to eliminate Orf virus, and it is now gone! The end of Orf virus is the start of recovery for many children and adults. Saved from a lifetime of being locked inside their own dysfunctional nervous system.

Lemon Verbena tea, one cup every day or Lemon Verbena essential oil, one drop every day will provide the cleansing of the viral proteins to further relieve the pressure on the nervous system. In two months their body’s will recover as completely as is possible. The change will be visible to all who know them.

Thank you all for this gift of joy you have made possible. The lack of Autism and Aspbergers in the future will be noticed.

September 17, 2023: HIV Virus has Disappeared!

128,899,000 caring souls armed only with love (I say “only”, but we know the power) and one number made something amazing possible. Today HIV has been destroyed worldwide. Although I provide the frequencies, without the power of your love, I could only handle a few at a time.

There are not enough years in a lifetime for someone to do what we are doing in 15 minutes. 5.6 million healthier souls will be much more comfortable now. Distance healing with just one person would take about 1000 days without food or sleep. I pray that you all feel self-empowered and rightfully self-congratulatory.

Love, joy, and gratitude to all.

September 13, 2023: Guillain-Barré Virus Is Gone!

The growing group of giving souls continues. 98.7 million spread the love worldwide. I have no doubt that Guillain-Barré can now only be referred to in the past tense. Eventually, it will be forgotten.

There are now 78,850,000 healthier people in the world. There is none of this virus left languishing in a lab somewhere. That is worth congratulation! Gratitude to you all. Thank you for your time and dedication.

I have no words to explain how uplifting this is for someone who has been helping people with disease for nearly 20 years. It no longer seems like an uphill battle. Thank you all!

September 10, 2023: Goodbye HPV2 Virus, and Why It Is Amazing

Thank you for assisting in the eradication of HPV2. More than 78 million pure souls have assured the safety of a billion or more people, plus many animals.

What an amazing group of noble souls. We achieved the “impossible” and demonstrated the potential of collective consciousness. HPV2 is no more. Just so that you all know what that means, I would like to give you a broad outline of the damage that virus caused.

The virus in propagation created a secondary problem, as does all virus, because the outer shell of the virus breaks open and releases the new generation. The shell is made of pico-size prion proteins (proteins we have no enzyme for, so we cannot break them) and they are sticky, which means they can clump together and stick to any surface. This is the cause of heart failure, strokes, thrombosis, and dementia. If there is a build-up in the spine, it also presents as epilepsy.

That it was one cause of “cancer” is without doubt. Even the medical institution has recognised that, since its discovery, it was the main cause of cancer of the cervix, prostate, kidneys, and pancreas. That virus created damage in any organ of the body. From blindness to bunions to plantar fasciitis.

It could live in a body for decades, generally kept in check by the immune system, but when the body is weakened by another infection or a lack of dietary needs, it expanded rapidly and migrated to other areas.

HPV2 in the uterus could result in problems for a mother and child from conception to birth. If it was present at the point of conception, the result could have been one of many so-called genetic disorders (spina bifida, for instance). As the virus was pushed out of the womb during pregnancy, it could result in an attack on muscles and other organs. This is what is known as eclampsia. If it is present in the cervix at the point of birth, the result would be a child who already has HPV2.

So now you know what an amazing achievement our meditation is. Remember, this is just a snapshot of the problems created by one single virus.

In a better world, this would be cause for rejoicing and celebrating everywhere. We know what we did, and we can rejoice with the like-minded people in our lives. My gratitude and joy is overwhelming. May your love continue to heal. Love and joy, John

July 31 through August 18, 2023: Graphene and Nanogarbage

47 million souls finished off the last of the nanogarbage (graphene and related products) tonight. Thank you and congratulations for winning the first people's battle with nothing but truth and love. The new “Healing the World Through Frequency” web page will be available on the website early next week. If we can gather a group of souls of the same magnitude as tonight, we can eradicate 80% of human disease.

Thank you all for making this a complete success. I am looking forward to joining with you all again to change the way we all look at health. Love and joy, John.

Please join us in mass meditations to heal the world once and for all through frequency.
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