About Cathy

My name is Cathy and I am a frequency therapist.

I use dowsing/kinesiology to connect to the electromagnetic field of patients in order to detect which pathogen is infecting their body, and I propose a treatment via a frequency generator or via the natural frequencies contained in plants (herbal teas, essential oils, and all natural remedies).

Even as a child, I felt different. I had invented a game where I would connect to the people around me to feel their electromagnetic fields. As this was very quickly misunderstood, I kept all this to myself in order to fit in with those around me and be accepted by society.

Then one day, everything changed. I became very ill, and conventional medicine was not able to find me a treatment. That's when I met John, who introduced me to frequency therapy.

This meeting, several years ago, was like a re-awakening, and allowed me to understand that I could use this ability to connect to the electromagnetic field of an organism to help other people find and improve their health.

I quit my job. Thanks to John, I trained, studied, and practiced a lot. Since then, that's what I do: I help as many people as possible to get healthy through natural frequencies.

And there are so many frequencies to research and discover, so many plants to test, and so many people to help that this wonderful adventure is far from over!

My first language is French. I am also fluent in Portuguese and English.

Choose natural frequency therapy as your effective natural remedy.
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